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Separation anxiety and related problems affect more than 17 percent of dogs in the United States - that's MILLIONS OF DOGS.

I know how brutal this condition can be, having worked in shelter behavior for over 10 years. It was heart-breaking to see some of the best dogs being surrendered, their families heart-broken when they could not live with their beloved pet.

But there is good news, with time and dedication,

separation anxiety is treatable!

That's why I'm dedicated to keeping dogs peacefully in their homes:  You don't need to live with barking, howling, destruction, frantic pacing, running, peeing, pooping, anxiety, or self-injuries due to trying to escape. You can stop separation problems and give your dog a better quality of life! Using the most up-to-date animal behavior research and training techniques, we are able to teach dogs that there is nothing to fear and no need to be frustrated, and by doing so, give you back your life.

Alexandra with her foster pit bull, Otto, after adoption and he's grown up.
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